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WATERCOLOR GRACE is my painting blog designed in order to share the joy of capturing still life and garden images in watercolor. My studio was in East Texas but moved to Venice, Florida in May 2012. Enchanted by nature and light, I began photographing flowers and glassware while living on the Gulf Coast of Texas. I have been privileged to study with master watercolorists from across the United States. I gained signature membership in the Southwestern Watercolor Society and was a founding member of SPLASH, an East Texas art group. My fellow watercolorists have shared their knowledge and given me encouragement on this wonderful journey. The desire to paint, the flowers, the glass and the light are all gifts from God...or in other words GRACE. My goal is to use my art to reflect the beautiful shapes, luscious colors and radiant light found in nature. Creativity is my passion. Each original painting is done in watercolor on archival paper. If you are interested in purchasing a painting you can email me at mekosary@gmail.com

Sunday, March 3, 2013


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  1. Beautiful! The complimentary color scheme is lovely.

  2. Mary this is lovely. The gorgeous compostion, along with the beautiful color transitions makes this image something I know you must be very proud to have painted.

  3. Kathleen and Guy I so appreciate your comments. Thank you and wet brushes.

  4. Mary, left a comment when I first saw this, but don't see it. I did want to let you know that I like this composition and the colors very much.

  5. Thanks for your thoughtfulness, Johanna. I really appreciate your comments.